Sunday, November 22, 2009


This is the faceplate to go on top of a box set of note cards. It also represents another experiment in the use of space on the page.


I have taken the black & white sticker design and inverted it to be black on white, so that it can be used for other purposes. This could be used on a business card. If you would like me to design a business card, brochure or other product; let me know. I am at your service. I am still learning and developing, so any time spent on this is good experience for me.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


I have a mountain bike which I use for exercise, but it is also cheap transportation. While I also have a car, I see my bicycle as an important alternative. In our time of rising gas prices, alternatives to automobiles are increasingly necessary. The bike is a great one as it is very clean. As a society, we also don't get enough exercise; so the bicycle serves the dual purpose of giving us green transportation and improves our health at the same time.
I see BICAS and other bicycle coops and clubs as serving an important function and am happy to help further the cause. If these designs are helpful to you in any way, I will feel good about the contribution. Anything we can do to promote a healthier, cleaner lifestyle is a plus.


For the poster. I took the bike frame pattern and overlaid translucent rays and a radial gradient to give the whole design more depth. This is just one way to work with digital layering to enhance the designs. What I am offering is just the start of what is possible with this media. Use your imagination, and let me help you turn it into reality.

As I have mentioned, I have 2 blogs which act as tutorials for creating the digital mandalas. I always like to share what I have learned and am happy to show anyone how to work with this medium.
Children as early as fourth grade if not sooner could be shown how to create these digital mandalas.


On many of the designs I have shown, the background is plain black becasue it shows up both the black & white and color designs best. On the poster, however, I wanted to use a more interesting background; so I created this one with a pattern made of interlaced bicycle frames. Other variations on this are possible.

There is an online site that turns digital images like this into interior murals. Perhaps, you might want that for a wall in your shop. It could be put on sheet rock panels to make it portable. In that case, I could expand the design to include more rings and more complexity as needed. The design I have created is intended to look best as a poster, but as you can see; it is adaptable to smaller sizes.
The site I mentioned is:Murals Your Way at


Some people may want to put a sticker on their bike. Zazzle offers two sizes of round stickers: 3" and 1.5".

Again, I have designed them in black & white as well as color versions and give you uploads for Zazzle for both sizes.

Altough I don't show it here, these can be done with text of your choice.


Again, I offer black & white and color versions of the bumper stickers. You can use these to promote yourselves. I am doing this to help promote my website. I can order them one at a time through Zazzle and I will order one for anyone willing to display one on their bumper. It is a relatively cheap form of advertising. In my book, cheap is good.

If you go to Zazzle, you will see that I have several Good Day Bikes bumper stickers. These could be customized to promote your shop or club.


I have designed balck & white and full color t shirts. You can order them through Zazzle one at a time for your members to wear. These could be great for bicycle shop owners. The advantage is that you don't have to keep an inventory. Zazzle does offer volume discounts on all of its products.

The text on this and all designs can be changed. It is also easy to change content, fonts, size, placement, text color and so on.





This blue card is a birthday card with a bicycle theme. It would be easy enough to allow people to choose their favorite color for their birhtday card. More choices are possible. I could show you how to do it or am willing to add to the variety myself.


This is a green version of the card with an original Irish Blessing for bicyclists.

All the sayings are subject to revision and other occassion cards are possible. Perhaps you could have a workshop in which participants come up with other sayings. I woould be happy to see this become a group project. I think I have given you a good start, but there is alwasys room for improvemnet and expansion.

Friday, November 20, 2009


I have designed a series of 6 notecards which can be sold individually or as a box set. A box of 12 cards would include 2 of each design, but other combos are possible. With the notecards, one can fit 2 cards on an 8.5"x11" sheet. This image shows the front and the back of two cards arranged for printing. I can change the info shown for BICAS. I can also eliminate the reference to me and my URL if you object to its incluison.

Larger greeting cards are also a possibility, but they would be more costly to produce and sell.

This is the inside of the card done as a congratulations card for a new baby. The inside messages can be changed and inside and outside designs can be mixed and matched in various combinations if you wish.


Here is another version of the bicycle mandala with text. I made up this little slogan to go with it.

Thsi gives you an idea of how many variations of the basic design are possible. This is the big advantage of the digital media; one can generate many versions of a design and customize it as needed.


This is the same mandala in black & white. From here, it can be colorized in different ways as you will see.

I also use an online site called Zazzle. They make on demand, customizable products that can be orderd one at a time which eliminates the need to keep a large inventory. They can turn digital images into t shirts, mugs, bumper stickers, calendars, posters and more. It is a great service and it is free. The URL to my Zazzle gallery is on the siebar of this blog.


I response to your call for artists to submit artwork fot your silent auction, I have created a series of digital images using bicycle parts. The mandala below is the central piece and is intended to look best as a poster.

I am submitting a back & white poster of this image, a print of the image seen here and a box set of cards based on this image.
As I worked with these images, however, I realized that they have potential beyond the auction. They could be turned into products that you could sell all year around in order to raise funds for your services. Along with this idea, I have created some promotional products that should expand the possibilities here.